online project management, time tracking, invoicing software

Project management software has evolved because you do more than projects within your enterprise. Collaboration and visibility in the context of work is critical to your success and the project’s success.

Work efficiently and maximize productivity as a team using Vipasi a simple, secure online project portfolio management, time tracking, invoicing, resource management software with project scheduling, document tracking, multi-currency support is your enterprise collaborative work management solution, to make your day to day work easier and efficient.

Aren’t highly motivated, committed employees the need of every Executive?

Don’t employees hate to be micro managed?

According to Stephen Covey, the difference between poorly motivated and highly motivated employees is about 500% in productivity.

So how do you motivate employees?

The answer is to allow employees to develop a strong sense of ownership of their work. When employees feel a strong sense of ownership of their work and know their efforts will be recognized, they will become highly motivated to do the very best work they can and will be up to 5 times more productive than if poorly motivated.
Vipasi is based on a self-propelled performance process (SPPP), empowering employees feel a strong sense of ownership of their work.