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Best approach, Top down or bottom up: Will the ‘hunch’ truly help?

When one needs to inspire, one needs to start from the top. When one needs to inspect and introspect, one should start from the bottom, moving upward. Hence we say that action is always best done top down and assessment bottom up. That is why we have built Vipasi™ a cloud based enterprise Work Management System, where data collection and assessment is done bottom-up and top down respectively, with the eyes directed to look for data from the grassroots and move upwards.

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Work Activity Management: The story of incremental, continuous innovation

Ever since man made the wheel, he is constantly innovating. At times, he produces breakthrough disruptive innovations that completely change human behaviour for the better. We cannot imagine a world without computers or electricity or motor vehicles or internet today. Honestly, most of us would prefer being eaten up by dinosaurs rather than live a life without the above-mentioned. But such innovations only come far and few in the evolutionary timeline of humans. Nevertheless, man is constantly innovating! And his efforts produce incremental innovations.
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Collaborative Business Process Mapping: Spot the whole elephant

Most of you would have heard the story of the blind men and the elephant that they saw. Each of them was born blind and they felt the elephant from different parts of its body and tried to identify how an ‘elephant’ would look like. One person touched the stomach of the elephant and said that the elephant should look like a rock. The second person felt the legs of the elephant and said the elephant should look like a pillar. The third person who touched the tail of the elephant said it should be like a long rope. In no while, a quarrel erupted among them and each man was adamant in his point of view. Who among these is correct here?
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Happiness to businesses –
Increase productivity, retention and loyalty in employees

Any organization will like to have an employee who can complete two man-hours of work in one man-hour.
Any organization will like to have an employee who learnt the job and its nuances to stay with them after developing wings on his own.
Any organization will like to have employees who wear the company’s identity on their sleeves with pride.

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