Activities executed as a team / group maximizes productivity. Bringing authenticity and transparency to Work place.

Information is lost among silos of tools, creating rework and resulting in chaotic work cycles impacting visibility to factual data and decision making, forcing you to rely on empirical data and not on facts. Vipasi is your work management solution. Vipasi CADI process is leveraged to address your day to day work pain points and enabling you to become a data driven organization.

Collaborate, Analyze, Deliver, Innovate (CADI) process

Identify,Define,Plan-Vipasi CADI process
Collect-Vipasi CADI process
Analyze-Vipasi CADI process
Innovate-Vipasi CADI process


Activities as a team


Aligned activity data


Performance and Plan’s Progress


As a team refine for continuous improvement


Who Benefits

Everyone benefits from collaboration and value of visibility in achieving improved work-life balance. Productivity is enhanced with efficiency, ultimately affecting the bottom line positively. Standardize your identified activities aligned to your business process and reuse it across projects, leading you on the path to achieving operational excellence.

Sr Managers / Executives — Can track, plan and justify resource and budget needs. Manage demand and use resources better. Insights based on a bottom-up approach establishes decision making based on facts, enabling better decision making and outcomes.

Managers – Can better align their team’s work to Organizational objectives and enhance employee engagement, productivity.

Team Members – Visibility empowers team members to perform, make decisions, prioritize activities and work efficiently.

Vipasi – For all types of organizations

For Enterprises

Organization Genotype : “Traditional” Structure

Vipasi for traditional Enterprises-CADI process

For Small/Mid-sized Business

Organization Genotype : “Team-Based” Self Organizing Structure

Vipasi for Mid sized business-CADI process

For Individuals / Universities

Organization Genotype : “Community” Autonomous Structure

Vipasi for Individual or universities-CADI process


Accelerators / Templates — For

Bio-tech/ CRO’s / Life Sciences / Med Device Organizations –

Engaged in conducting Clinical Trials, out-of-the-box templates on activities and business processes related to Biostatistics, Clinical Data Management, Safety and Programming operations applicable within the regulated environment are available on request. You’re free to configure the templates as required and save them so that you and your colleagues can re-use them for future projects.

IT Organizations –

Engaged in Product Development, System Integration and Consulting, out-of-the-box templates on activities for associated business processes are available on request, for you to use and save time.