Best approach, Top down or bottom up: Will the ‘hunch’ truly help?

When one needs to inspire, one needs to start from the top. When one needs to inspect and introspect, one should start from the bottom, moving upward. Hence we say that action is always best done top down and assessment bottom up. That is why we have built Vipasi™ a cloud based enterprise Work Management System, where data collection and assessment is done bottom-up and top down respectively, with the eyes directed to look for data from the grassroots and move upwards.

Quest for excellence is a continuous process where innovation is the driver. Excellence isn’t achieved overnight. Excellence is a process of sustained delivery. Vipasi™ assists organizations achieve excellence by gathering, delivering insights and enabling all ranks within an organization to innovate. Vipasi™ takes pride in its CADI model of value-offering – Collaborate, Assess, Deliver, Innovate! In a logical flow of operations, first by collaboration it aligns itself with the client company. Then it tunes its antennas to gather all available signals of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats etc. and assesses factual data from the bottom upwards. The assessment gives the input for the top management to take informed decisions and realign the organization’s work activity towards achieving operational excellence.

One primary reason why most companies take external assistance for assessing their internal processes is proximity. Proximity hinders sight in this case. Imagine a speck of dirt on your forefinger. Imagine that you move your forefinger too close to the eye – almost at touching distance to the eye – and try to spot the speck. You will not be able to see it. The speck will be visible only at a distance away from the viewing eye. Similarly, companies sometimes really cannot ‘see’ what is obvious within their processes since they are so used to that. It needs an external eye to spot the speck. Surprising results will show up on such assessment. Of course, we never get surprised at the fact that the client is going to be surprised.

Informed decision making is an art. It is dependent on the quality of data and the quality of interpretive analytics tools to churn out good decisions. In the day of big data that we live in presently, the scope of data is very vast and wide. Hence, the choice of the right data and the mode of data collection become critical to the quality of data. With all such data on hand, he who asks the smartest questions puts it to the best use. Earlier, the collection of data at grassroots level in an organization was not easy. There were too many reporting levels and this involved a lot of paper work or to-and-fro orders and at times, data collection and assessment about a process might take more time and effort than the process itself. Without an option, the top management played the decision-making game on a ‘hunch’. Unfortunately, only a few people are gifted with the ‘hunch’ that is always right and even they face heavy surprises at times when faced with the truth.

Vipasi™ aims to eliminate the surprises and reduce the dependency on the ‘hunch’ for data collection. It helps in the assessment of a company’s processes and workflow step by step and desk to desk. Areas of appreciation or improvement are spotted in the micro level for necessary action to be taken. Feedback from the grassroots will also be crucial to top level decision making.

According to a recent research by Hesselbein institute, “Long-term research by the Gallup organization shows that 75 percent of American workers are disengaged and 15 percent of this group are so disengaged they regularly work against their organization’s goals”. Without proper assessment at the right time, this 15% have the potential to do enough to spell the end for a company. But with proper data raising alarms at the right time and giving applauses where it is due at the right time, the 75% can be reduced drastically to even a single digit number.

Collection and assessment of data from the bottom up direction is extremely important in any organization and Vipasi™ will be the ladder that will help you fetch data from the bottom and move upward for assessing it.

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