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We understand not only your business problems, but also your hesitations and questions. Please feel free to roam around this section to get your questions answered. Still have a question ? Feel free to write to us here. We respond faster than the speed of light.

We don’t have sophisticated IT infrastructure. Can we still use Vipasi ?
Vipasi runs on Cloud hence no hardware/software to install.

How much PPM knowledge is required ?
Vipasi is simple to get started. It is built on a quite simple user interface and you can start working from day 1.

I can’t spend much. I have a limited IT budget.
3 different plans to choose from. No large upfront investment. Pay as you go subscription.

I can’t spend much on IT resources.
Vipasi asks for a minimal post production support. With our 24/7 support you are never left alone.

I don’t have enough time. How long will it take to get started?
We know how crucial time is, for your business. Hence we make your organization operationally excellent in a matter of weeks.

      < 100 employees – 2-4 weeks
      <500 employees – 4-6 weeks.
    < 1000 employees – 6-10 weeks.

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