Project Portfolio Management, Real-time Insight, Time tracking, Invoicing, Resource Management. Streamline your activities and make your day to day work easier.

Project Portfolio Management –

Vipasi online project portfolio management solution merges the power of the cloud with social communications. Use it to: Standardize processes, manage portfolio of projects, Gain real-time visibility, Build transparent high-performance teams and speed up the pace of doing business. Project execution and delivery is greatly enhanced.

Real-time Insight –

See the progress of projects as it’s updated by the members of the team. Actively monitor and take action as the work progresses.

 Vipasi_dashboard-Project Portfolio Management, Real-time Insight, Time tracking, Invoicing

Organize projects the way you like –

Vipasi allows you to define all the work activities performed by you and your team, aligned to the organizational objectives. Organize them into Group activities the way you want and reuse them across multiple projects. Research has shown activities when performed as a team/group greatly enhances productivity. Vipasi allows you to go beyond agile.

Plans you can adjust and define dependencies –

You can keep plans consistent, accurate and transparent. Manage task statuses, manage dependencies and manage assignments (resources, roles, efforts). Resources are notified when new projects are assigned to them. View a complete project overview on interactive Gantt chart (Timeline).

Vipasi_Gantt-Project Portfolio Management, Real-time Insight, Time tracking, Invoicing

Time tracking –

With Vipasi, you can easily capture every day’s activity to the level of granularity you choose to collect and measure across projects.

Vipasi_timetrack-Project Portfolio Management, Real-time Insight, Time tracking, Invoicing

Online document tracking –

Vipasi enables you to collect/track documents related to a particular task in one place. Your document repository could be on your local network or Dropbox or Google Drive or Box or Skydrive. An innovative feature of Vipasi, enables you to track documents without having to publish and maintain documents onto the cloud. This addresses one of your critical security concerns of having to publish and maintain sensitive documents on the cloud.

Resource / Team Management –

You can manage resources and teams efficiently without having to micro manage with Vipasi. Data eliminates bubbles. Effective resource utilization across the organization/company is critical to have a motivated workforce and achieve a work-life balance for one and all.

Customized Reports with PDF View –

You can leverage 6 data points/dimension to generate real-time reports across specific or a combination of projects, resource, tasks and derive powerful accurate insights either graphically or through standard reports, which you could use. Vipasi allows you to generate custom reports and export the project data onto a PDF enabling further distribution of data. Using the 6 data dimension, you can derive very powerful accurate insight to both employees and executives to make informed decisions related to Budgeting, Demand planning and forecasting.

Vipasi_custom_report-Project Portfolio Management, Real-time Insight, Time tracking, Invoicing

Budget and Expense Management –

Vipasi allows you to capture and Track all expenses by employee, department, task and link them back to the appropriate projects. Monitor expenses to ensure every project stays within the budget. Set hourly rates on a global basis or for a specific project, as well as by role, user or project. View projects and actual staff hours in real time, and analyze burn rate and billing status for each project.

Multi-Currency & Invoice Management –

Define your project budgets and capture your expenses in the currency applicable to the project you prefer. Track your expenses in the currency you prefer. Vipasi enables you to define taxes with associated rates allowing you to generate Invoices in currencies you need to bill your customer. Invoice Management is an add-on module.

Vipasi_Invoice-Project Portfolio Management, Real-time Insight, Time tracking, Invoicing

Role based data access –

Collaborate with multiple teams, partners and contractors all in one workspace. You can configure access to the data within the system, depending on the role an individual needs within your organization Ex: Executive, Project Manager, Admin or a Team Member. Self-propelled approval process is the corner stone of this application.

Real-time Updates –

Vipasi enables social collaboration in the context of work.You can share messages in real-time with emoticons, just like you do in Facebook. You can do a private or a team discussion on activities of importance, right way with online user.

Vipasi_Chat-Project Portfolio Management, Real-time Insight, Time tracking, Invoicing

Cloud based Work Activity Management SolutionIt exists on cloud!

No hardware/software to install. Leveraging on cloud computing advancements, Vipasi acts as an integrated enterprise system that can capture data and provide business intelligence insights in real-time and in sync with multiple departments and individuals. It adapts to multiple devices and allows for informed decision making in groups by sharing insights.

Why rely on Vipasi ?


  • Over 99.95% Availability
  • Massively Redundant Architecture
  • World -Class Facilities
  • Replication Across Multiple Sites
  • No Single Point of Failure
  • Zero Action Recovery


  • 256-bit encrypted SSL cert
  • 24×7 Monitoring
  • Weekly Third-Party Security Audit
  • Automatic Quarterly Upgrades

System Requirements

No hardware/software to install. All it needs is a html_5_icon Browser. Following are the supported browsers :