Happiness to businesses –
Increase productivity, retention and loyalty in employees

Any organization will like to have an employee who can complete two man-hours of work in one man-hour.
Any organization will like to have an employee who learnt the job and its nuances to stay with them after developing wings on his own.
Any organization will like to have employees who wear the company’s identity on their sleeves with pride.

Increase Productivity, retention and loyalty in employees through work activity management tool

These are precisely the reasons why we are so sure that any organization will like Vipasi™. Vipasi™ boasts of improving the productivity, retention and loyalty of employees in any organization. Vipasi™ is a dream-like solution for work activity management in organizations across industries to engender an alignment of clarity and accountability. What is work activity management? Is it another glorified project management term?
Work Activity Management (WAM) is the new phenomenon in operational excellence that is a superset of project management. It orients individual activities and aspirations to the group activities and aspirations in an organization and ensures that the wheel of business runs smoothly with minimal friction or dead-locks.

If you get an impression that we are using one too many positive adjectives to describe our product’s impact, here is how we justify it. We follow a proprietary CADI model (Collaborate Assess Deliver Innovate) to identify truthful individual activities and align them with the group activities towards maximizing productivity. The process starts with a collaborative business process mapping involving all stakeholders in the business operation. Many a times, our clients have been able to pull the hidden rabbit out of the hat during these mappings and discover insights about their business that they had never imagined. Long-term research by the Gallup organization shows that 75 percent of American workers are disengaged and 15 percent of this group are so disengaged they regularly work against their organization’s goals. (Source: The Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute) Organizations are simply not able to spot the problem area and address this budding negativity. That is where we chip in.
We collect data from all grounds bottom-upwards and put them through the analytics engines across several data dimensions to draw insights. Data is a puzzle that has all the answers for the ones who know what to ask. Unfortunately, not everyone asks the right questions with the data on hand. Such people live on an ivory tower, aloof to the factual truth in the organization. We ask hard and straight questions on your behalf and churn out naked truths as insights, which you will dearly want to know.

And we do not only stop there. We keep the innovation wheel running continuously and work constantly to improve our product by fixing a bug here, adding a feature there, re-engineering an algorithm there etc.

In normal no-frills language, we make sure that communication and co-ordination stay on top of a group work atmosphere. No more will dependencies be communicated late/ mis-communicated to create bottlenecks. No more will team suffer from non-transparency of data and hidden agendas. No more will people lose credit for work that they have done. Of course then it is no wonder that employees love to work in such organizations.
To summarise, each individual’s tasks and activities are mapped and aligned with the team’s activities. Work transfers from desk to desk faster and prompt alerts ensure that work gets done more efficiently at each desk. Hence any employee can complete two man-hours of work in one man-hour.
Since the atmosphere in the team becomes conducive to transparent sharing of data and appreciations, people get credits that they deserve and the overall positive spirit increases in the organization. Hence any employee who learnt the job in the organization will hesitate to leave the organization and the organization’s retention rate moves upward in a happy direction.

Who will not love such an organization? People will be proud to work for your organization. They are happy. You are happy. Your business gets happy. And we get happy too.
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Increase productivity, retention and loyalty in employees

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