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Partner with iQuest on Vipasi

Expanding its role in bringing innovative technology to enhance a collaborative business process management and work activity management, iQuest is partnering with other forward thinking organizations who understand the value that an innovative solution can bring to organizational operations.

We are currently establishing partnerships that are structured to:

  • Provide a framework for offering value-added services around Vipasi.
  • Leverage the strengths of each party and bring these strengths to bear in customer solutions that are higher quality than they would be otherwise.
  • Drive the success of our customers and increase the value our partners receive from selecting Vipasi as their work activity management platform.

Customers serviced by Vipasi Partners can be rest assured that the partner has demonstrated success with Vipasi and has been thoroughly vetted and certified to provide services around the Vipasi business process management and Vipasi Enterprise/On-Premise Edition. Customers will have an increased level of confidence knowing that, by selecting an Vipasi partner, they are working with a formalized, coordinated team that is focused on the Customer’s success.

If you are interested to partner with iQuest on Vipasi, please contact us.